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From Muschel Kind in Germany

Here’s another one where I’m not sure if the name is their real name or just their username, but I’ll call her Muschel! Muschel sent me this postcard because she thought the animal was very cute! I requested cute animal postcards in my profile, so I appreciate her taking the time to pick out a card just for me!

Thankfully, Muschel also translated this quote for me. She said that it says,

Go your own way. There is only one way in the world which is made just for you, no one else can go it: Where it leads to? Don’t ask, just go.

What a neat quote! Thank you Muschel for the inspiring words and adorable animal!

Postcards primarily sent via Postcrossing, an online community that allows people from all over the world to send and receive postcards.


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