Postcards from an Auction

My father-in-law goes to auctions quite frequently. Recently, he saw that there were a box of postcards in the line. He ended up winning them for me and there were a few gems! Only a handful were written on, and the rest were blank. I’m going to use the blank ones in future correspondence, so I won’t write about those ones. I did want to show off some of the ones that have been used, because they are too neat not to! Click to enlarge any image.

Phew, TWO CENTS for a stamp!! This postcard was sent in September of 1953. The postcard message says,

Tues Sept 29th arrived here tonight. Climbed Pike’s Peak today (never again). We will cross its bridge tomorrow. Everything going ok. Dad & Mother

I included punctuation where it belonged, as I did not see it in the writing. I do think it is funny that they underlined “never again” in reference to climbing Pike’s Peak. It must not have been because of the heights since they are climbing the “World’s Highest Bridge” the next day!

The next postcard is from the same couple to their son. It’s a few days later in October of 1953 and the message says,

Son, our mountain driving is over now & we are here in Denver at a beautiful motel. Dad is reclining on his davenport. We have living room, bedroom, dinette, kitchen & private bath. Even door chimes. See you on the end of this week. Love – Mother & Dad

That sounds like a nice little motel!

This postcard doesn’t seem to be from the same family. It also wasn’t actually sent in the mail since there is no stamp or postal mark on it. It does have an address for Sergeant Albert Kaiser and the date October 11, 1941.

This is another postcard that wasn’t sent in the mail. I did find it interesting what was written on the front, though. It is a postcard of the Book-Cadillac Hotel in Detroit, Michigan and along the side it gives the date of August 20, 1938 and Room 2402. Whoever got this postcard must have wanted to remember when and where they stayed on their trip to Detroit!

This postcard was the oldest in the bunch. The postmark says it was sent May 7, 1935. Look at the 1-cent stamp!! The message says,

Haveing a fine time. Stopping tonite at a tourist camp. B. & C. are haveing a lot of fun. Will write you later. Love to both. E.

A few interesting things about that message: the spelling of “haveing” with the additional “e” that we do not include in the modern spelling of “having” and that the people involved are referred to by a letter. Also interesting is the fact that there is no address! It just had a name and a city. I suppose in 1935, towns were much smaller in population and the postal worker knew everyone. But it is still very neat!

I loved looking through all the vintage postcards from the auction! The ones with messages are bits of history that I treasure. Even the unused ones are bits of history with the images on the front. I can’t wait to send them!


Niagara Falls

There are a few postcards that I have sent that have become “popular” on Postcrossing, gaining favorites by other members. I previously wrote about my Born Free Ohio postcard that was at the time my most popular with three favorites. Well, I have surpassed that with a whopping (at the time of this writing) NINE favorites! Here is the beauty:

I have to admit that this is a gorgeous postcard! I sent it to Reona in Japan. She thought it was a wonderful postcard and also appreciated the stamps I used. For this postcard, I used a combination of a few stamps to reach the postage amount for international mail. Here they are from the USPS website:

I like mixing stamps of different denominations rather than the international forever stamp. It’s large and obnoxious, and I feel like it’s boring. Plus, it’s a circle! Circles just don’t fit well on postcards.

Well anyway, I’m glad Reona enjoyed this postcard and the stamps I chose for it! I am always glad when the card I pick out works well for the recipient!!

Postcards primarily sent via Postcrossing, an online community that allows people from all over the world to send and receive postcards.

Greetings from Salem

This is a postcard that my husband sent off to one of his postcard pals in New Zealand. She’s been sending him some neat Japanese postcards, and he sends her back some iconic American ones. So, this one seemed like a pretty good one for him to send and I really liked it as well.

The white part of the moon is actually cut out of the postcard. And the stars in the sky are made up with glitter. It was a fun postcard other than its roots in American history. On the back of the postcard is written,

A statue of Roger Conant, the founder of Salem is located in front to the Salem Witch Museum. Because of the statue’s proximity to the museum and because of his cloak and hat and generally appearance, Roger Conant is often mistaken as a participant in the Salem with trials. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For the record, I typed that description exactly as it was typed on the back of the postcard. I did not notice the mistakes in the description until just now. Nobody’s perfect!

Postcards primarily sent via Postcrossing, an online community that allows people from all over the world to send and receive postcards.

Vintage Youngstown Postcard Part Two

This postcard was a gift for my birthday on July 19. It is a pretty well known fact how much I love postcards and snail mail! This was a used postcard, but I still thought it was very neat!

The postcard shows Downtown Youngstown’s Central Square. This part of Downtown is now known as Federal Plaza. Here’s a view of it from 2012:

The building on the postcard is no longer there from what I understand. I do love vintage postcards, but ones from my hometown are even more special! This one is not from the same set as my other vintage Youngstown postcard. It is from at least 25 years earlier.

I find it fascinating that there are no street addresses listed on the postcard. It is just addressed to Mr. Wm Hahn in Greenford, Ohio. He was probably the only one at the time!

I also love the Poland, Ohio postmark. There is no Poland processing facility anymore, nor is there a Youngstown processing facility. All local mail goes through Cleveland now due to downsizing. Because of that, I think it’s neat to have mail with postmarks of those closed facilities. I thanked the giver for this gift many times and it is one I will treasure!!

I Love Cats!

I recently wrote about my postcards that were of dogs. I also have a few that are of cats, and they are just as cute! One came from Russia, while the two realistic ones came from Germany.

This one from Yulia in Russia shows a cartoon cat baking cookies.

This postcard came from a tag on Postcrossing that swapped cat postcards. The illustration is by Anastasia Eremenko. Yulia wrote in her message,

This is one of my favourite series of cat illustrations. I am a big cat lover and have two girls at home – Vaflya (Waffle) and Dolya (you know, an orange wedge). They make me smile and sometimes even make me mad. But I can’t really imagine my life without them – they are our family.

I can totally understand her sentiment because our pug Carley is our family!

The next postcard came from Bernhard in Germany.

He wrote in his message that he has a cat named Momo. What a cute name! I wonder if Momo looks anything like this cat on the postcard!

The last cat postcard that I have received so far is from Sina in Germany.

It shows a cute little kitten stuck in a jar. Or maybe the kitten intended to be in the jar; we all know cats get into precarious situations! Sina wrote that she has a dog and loves playing with her dog. She didn’t mention cats in her message, but who wouldn’t love this little guy!

Postcards primarily sent via Postcrossing, an online community that allows people from all over the world to send and receive postcards.

Chinese New Year

My husband also receives postcards and this time I am showcasing one that he received in addition to one I received. Both are postcards that celebrate past New Years in China.

The first is for 2008, and it simply says “Happy New Year!” This one was for my husband.

The year 2008 was the year of the rat, hence the cute rat with the snowman on the front of the postcard.

The other postcard that was addressed to me was for the year 2012.

This was the year of the dragon, as it states on the front of the postcard with a lovely image of a dragon. This postcard actually came from Australia, unlike the other that did come from China.

I think these postcards are very neat, and it would be a challenge to collect postcards from as many of the Chinese New Years as possible!

Postcards primarily sent via Postcrossing, an online community that allows people from all over the world to send and receive postcards.

For the Love of Books

I really enjoy reading. I was surprised while looking at my postcard collection that I have received a few postcards showing people reading in some fashion. Here they are!

The first is simply of a woman reading a book. I am not sure what the book is. The postcard came from Rasa in Lithuania. I like this postcard. It shows a dreamy world where we get caught up in the story.

The next postcard is of the “Keep Calm” variety, but not the same format. It comes from Iwe in Poland. Iwe loved reading books, too, so it was a lucky pick of a postcard. I again love the depiction of getting lost in your imagination while reading.

The final reading postcard that I’ve received so far is the art piece The Novel Reader by Vincent van Gogh. I really enjoy van Gogh and I was happy to receive this postcard. It was from Frank in Germany.

Postcards primarily sent via Postcrossing, an online community that allows people from all over the world to send and receive postcards.