From Cici in China

Cici is a 9 year old girl in Guang Zhou, China who (probably with the help of her family) sent me this adorable postcard.

What a cute dog! She also drew on the postcard some flowers and what I believe is the character Totoro. This was very sweet. I love it when Postcrossing becomes a family affair!

Postcards primarily sent via Postcrossing, an online community that allows people from all over the world to send and receive postcards.


Pen Pal Post – Nat in Australia

I received another letter from Nat!! I absolutely love the time and care she puts in to her letters. I recently started following her on Instagram, and she posts a lot of photos of her stationery and the amazing letters she sends out. Mine was no exception!

First let’s talk about the envelope! Love the stamp with Will & Kate! I also love the embellishments!! The koala is adorable, and frankly, I’m surprised it made it through the mail with the embellishments still attached!

When I opened the letter, I first saw the huge “Dear Melanie” and the PUG STICKER!!! I have written about my pug Carley, and post photos on Instagram all the time, so I thought it was so sweet she included a pug sticker! In the mini envelope marked “Surprise Inside” there were also a few doggie stickers, with a pug included!! There’s a glare on it in the image unfortunately, but I promise that it’s cute!

She also threw in a postcard from the RSPCA of a dog called Peaches. Nat said on the back that she “hosted a high tea for the RSPCA cupcake fundraiser to help raise money.” How neat!

On the back of the mail tag, she wrote a few questions for me to answer in my next letter. I can’t wait to write Nat back!!

Owney, the Postal Dog

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. A particular dog was mail’s best friend for ten years from 1887 to 1897.

Owney was a stray dog found by a mail clerk in Albany, New York. Owney found comfort in the Post Office in Albany, and the workers there welcomed him to stay and cared for him. He regularly made the bags of mail his bed and seemed to love the smell of the mail. He also served as a guard to the mail, learning who the clerks were and only allowing them to handle the mail.

It wasn’t long before Owney was travelling to help deliver the mail. In case he got lost, he was given a collar that read “Owney, Post Office, Albany, New York.” To document his journeys, Owney collected baggage tags which identified the rail lines he rode on.

He began travelling even further as a companion to the mail, and eventually went to places like Mexico, Canada, Japan, and Singapore! He was the U.S. Postal Service’s unofficial mascot and everyone loved him.

Owney had to be put down on June 11, 1897 and money was donated to have his body preserved by a taxidermist. His remains now are on display at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C. In 2011, Owney was granted a commemorative stamp (the stamp is no longer for sale).


I Love Dogs!

I enjoy animal postcards, as I have stated in my Postcrossing profile. So it’s a treat when I get postcards that do have animals on them. I have collected a few postcards with dogs and I would like to share them with you!

First is this lovely one from Magdalene in Poland.

I received this postcard from a Tag on Postcrossing. It was “I Spy” and I said that I spy a dog. So I guess I really was asking for this one! Magdalene mentioned in her message that her favorite animal is the bunny. They are cute, too!

The next doggie postcard is from Marjorie in France.

I have a pug, so I love the smooshy faced dogs and this Frenchie is adorable! Plus I love the irony that the French bulldog postcard came from France! Marjorie said she picked this postcard because she thought it looked like mine. I had a photo of Carley in my profile picture. Here’s a photo of Carley so you can be the judge:

Next up is this cutie on a postcard from Vera in the Netherlands.

What a cute little puppy!!! I probably would never own a dog like this, but I can’t deny the utter adorableness of it!

And the final dog postcard that I’ve received so far is my favorite so far (for obvious reasons!). It was a special request from Beckie in the UK.

IT’S A PUG! I adore pugs after we rescued our own pug a few years back. The smooshy face combined with the slouchy hat is to die for! And our dog Carley sits like this all the time! Ah, I melted when I got this even though I requested it and I melt every time I see it!

Postcards primarily sent via Postcrossing, an online community that allows people from all over the world to send and receive postcards.